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Please see note from Webmaster on the home page.

About the Wilson's Disease Chat Room

You need Java-enabled browser to use the chat room (Netscape Navigator 3.0+ and Internet Explorer 3.0+).

You can use the room for whatever you wish, but please be courteous and observe that the chat room is primarily for use by those with an interest in Wilson's Disease.
Actually, it's not the best chat room, I succest AOL's Instant Messenger for chatting on the web. It's free, works great, and you can tell if your freinds are currently on-line.
Wilson's Disease Chat Times (EST)
Tuesdays 8:00 PM
Saturdays 1:00 PM


  • General
    • Enter a User Name and your full name in the appropriate fields when they come up. Then click "Connect"
    • There's no need to enter your email address unless you like junk mail.
    • To chat, place your cursor in the feild that initially says type HERE. Hit your return key to send the message.
  • Patience
    • It may take a while for your browser to figure out what's going on, there's several files that need to download. It can take a few minutes to get going.
    • Sometimes Java will change the appearance of your pointer, although your mouse will work the same. So if you see the clock thing for an awfully long time, just pretend it's your normal pointer.
Try it out and if it doesn't work for you, come back to this page and read the rest of the tips.

  • Make sure that you have Java enabled in your browser's preferences
    • Netscape Navigator 4
      • Under the "Edit" pull-down menu, select "Preferences..."
      • Select "Advanced" - you will se an option "Enable Java" - make sure this is checked
    • Netscape Navigator 3
      • Under the "Options" pull-down menu, select "Network Preferences"
      • Select "Languages" - make sure "Enable Java" is checked
    • Internet Explorer 3 & 4
      • Under the "Edit" pull-down menu, select "Preferences..."
      • Select "Web Browser" - make sure "Enable Browser" is checked
      • If, when you connect to the chat page, you don't see anything other than the two links at the top of the page, go back to your Java preferences and by the "Java Virtual Machine"
      • If it still doesn't work, it's probably a security setting, so write down how they're set and then fiddle around with them.
  • Memory
    • It might be a good idea to quit all applications other than your browser when connecting to the chat room
    • If your browser crashes, try increasing the amount of memory allotted to it (so simple on a Mac I don't need to explain how; if you know how to do it on a Wintel machine, you wouldn't be reading this, and are on your own to figure it out)
  • Reconnecting
    • If all else fails, try disconnecting from your server and dialing in again.